Circle Quarter


Paper Qty: 100 papers per pack

Template Qty: 1 template for pack

Why choose our papers? Our papers are die-cut to ensure precision from a high quality silk coated card which is tested to work with Sue Daley Sewline Glue Pen. This allows you to remove the fabric from the card with ease. As a quality product these papers can be used multiple times and are guaranteed to deliver time and time again. Each pack of pre-cut papers includes 100 paper pieces. Using less is more and if you find you have used too much glue and struggle to remove your card, simply use a steam iron on your work and remove the paper with ease.

How do you measure your paper shapes?: All of our English Paper Piecing paper shapes are measured along 1 side of the shape or through the centre of the shape like circles or shapes that started as a circle such as the apple core or clamshell shape. Please refer to the images within each paper shape for the diagram on how we measure our paper shapes.

What size template do I purchase?: All of our English Paper Piecing acrylic templates have a 1/4" seam allowance built into them to allow for rotary cutting your fabric. When purchasing the template you require simply purchase the template you need for the finished size e.g. 1" Hexagon papers will work with a 1" Hexagon template.

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